Kobe Bryant’s Farewell

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Mamba day Wednesday April 13, 2016 was the last game Kobe Bryant played in his career.

Thousands of fans, former players, and media packed Staples Center to see Kobe Bryant last go round. This historic moment had Millions of fans at home glued to their televisions and filled with excitement.

Video footage of Kobe Bryant over the years played on the Jumbotron. Followed by Laker Legend Magic Johnson sharing a few words about Kobe’s career.

Many were hoped for an epic game and that’s what Kobe (Black Mamba) delivered. To no surprise Kobe dropped 60 points and the Lakers beat the Memphis Grizzles 101-96.

In his final walk off the crowd gave a standing ovation. Kobe was greeted by his wife kids and later former teammates. Former teammates included Shaq, Lamar Odom, Gary Peyton and other Lakers champions.

It is no secret that Kobe will be missed. Whether he was loved or hated he also delivered without disappointment. Mamba day proved to be a moment fans or haters will never forgot.

Mamba Out. Enjoy Retirement Kobe.

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Kobe Bryant Reacts to Dwight Howard going to the Rockets

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LA Lakers star Kobe Bryant is not having the best year.

First the Lakers almost didn’t make it to the playoffs. They get swept in the first round with their franchise player (Kobe Bryant) suffering from injury. And now NBA All-Star Center Dwight Howard has chosen to leave and go to the Houston Rockets.

Bryant wasn’t so happy about Dwight’s decision to leave after encouraging Howard in so many ways, and making him feel like LA was home. He took to his Instagram account and posted the above picture with long time teammate Pau Gasol.

Howard then posted a picture with new teammate James Harden.

The 2013-2014 NBA season will be one to watch.

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Kobe Bryant Instagram post