Devon Still ask for prayers with his daughter Leah’s recovery

leah still

Recently Bengals Football player Devon Still reached out to his Instagram followers asking for prayers during his daughters recovery.

As many fans know Devon’s daughter Leah has been battling Cancer for the past year. During this past year she has had some ups and downs in her fight against Cancer.

Most recently being a complication from steam cell transplant called VOD. Below is the Instagram message from Devon explaining the setback his daughter is having during her recovery.

devon still and leah still


At age 4, Leah was diagnosed with a stage 4 neuroblastoma. The cancer develops from immature nerve cells and most commonly affects children younger than 5, according to medical studies.

During this trying time in young Leah’s life she has managed to keep a smile on her face, and remain strong despite fighting for her life.

leah still 11111


Our prayers our with Devon, Leah and their family during the tough time.

Pray for Leah. Leah Strong.


Author: Angelique Williams

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