FIRST RESPONDER! Joell Ortiz Responds To Kendrick With “Outta Control” (NEW MUSIC)

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Rap Radar Presents Slaughterhouse In Concert

This is what we’re talking about!

Hip-hop is a sport and New York rapper Joell Ortiz is the first up for battle. After Kendrick Lamar aired out hip-hop and claimed to be the “King Of New York” on Big Sean’s bonus track “Control,” the internet has been awaiting the arrival of the first response track.

Slaughterhouse rapper Joell Ortiz stepped up and spit some heat, rapping:

“Maybe that’s why you left me outta that shit/maybe that’s why the slaughterhouse ain’t get dissed/ or maybe I’m not on your on your radar/ you feel like you ain’t gotta acknowledge my clique/ either way I personal train this b, you gotta get ripped/  rich rappers cant respond with all the dollars you get, gangster rappers can’t retaliate with hollows and clips/you fashion rappers wear the kind of  jeans that hardly can zip/ so zip it I got this shit, real hip-hop in…

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LeBron James goes to jury duty

lebron james goes to jury duty

Lebron James NBA Finals MVP and League MVP was headed to jury duty this morning. Miami Heat star player posted a  photo to his Instagram account with the caption “Jury duty time. Time to serve my civic duty”.

Many might think jury duty is a waste of time but King James was happy to serve his civic duty.

Even the world’s best basketball player has to serve in country in some way.

Hats off to LBJ. It has been reported that he didn’t have to stay the full day. He’ll be returning Friday to the court-house.