Kelly Rowland the New Face of Jaguar

Kelly-Rowland new face of jaguar
Kelly Rowland


Kelly Rowland is doing her thing to stay busy. New album, judge on X Factor and now the face of Jaguar.

A well-known Artist around the world Kelly has tweeted to her fans this week pictures of her new ad with the luxury car company.  And pictures from the event.

Kelly-Rowland jaguar photos



Kelly Rowland and Trey Smith

Kelly Rowland even posed at the event with Trey Smith, who was asked to DJ in Miami for the event.


Kobe Bryant Reacts to Dwight Howard going to the Rockets

kobe-bryant-pau-gasol kobr put on ig

LA Lakers star Kobe Bryant is not having the best year.

First the Lakers¬†almost didn’t make it to the playoffs. They get swept in the first round with their franchise player (Kobe Bryant) suffering from injury. And now NBA All-Star Center Dwight Howard has chosen to leave and go to the Houston Rockets.

Bryant wasn’t so happy about Dwight’s decision to leave after encouraging Howard in so many ways, and making him feel like LA was home. He took to his Instagram account and posted the above picture with long time teammate Pau Gasol.

Howard then posted a picture with new teammate James Harden.

The 2013-2014 NBA season will be one to watch.

kobe bryant ig pic
Kobe Bryant Instagram post

Kerry Washington on the Cover of Vanity Fair

Kerry Washington on the cover of Vanity Fair

Kerry Washington aka Olivia Pope from ABC’s Scandal covers the August 2013 issue of Vanity Fair.

Sporting a white one-piece bathing suit Kerry looks just like her character Olivia Pope.

Washington has taken the acting world by storm with the new show that has gotten her and co-stars a lot of attention. Scandal will return in September on Thursdays night with new and old fans tuning in.

Be sure to look out for Kerry as she graces the cover with her beauty.