Penn State Football program facing harsh NCAA sanctions

NCAA President Mark Emmert

Monday Penn State received news that would wipe away 14 years of Coach Joe Paterno’s football legacy. The ruling by the NCAA wipes aways years of victories crippling one of the biggest football programs in College history. The devastating news comes after, assistant coach Jerry Sandusky spent years molesting children, sometimes on school property.

The sanctions are more serve for the next four years.

“The University’s football team shall end its 2012 season and each season through 2015 with the playing of its last regularly scheduled, in-season contest and shall not be eligible to participate in any postseason competition, including a conference championship, any bowl game, or any postseason playoff competition.”

The school will lose $60 million in fines, with a $12 million minimum being paid yearly for 4 years.

Penn State will lose 20 or more scholarships over the next four seasons, which will destroy any chance of recruiting the program has. The NCAA explains the punishment: “For a period of four years commencing with the 2013-2014 academic year and expiring at the conclusion of the 2016-2017 academic year, the NCAA imposes a limit of 15 initial grants-in-aid (from a maximum of 25 allowed) and for a period of four years commencing with the 2014-2015 academic year and expiring at the conclusion of the 2017-2018 academic year a limit of 65 total grants-in-aid (from a maximum of 85 allowed) for football during each of those specified years.”                                   

The school will also have five years of monitored probation, must complete all recommendations from the Freeh report and must appoint an athletics integrity monitor for five seasons to ensure that these all properly take place.

Considering the severity of these punishments, the NCAA is going to allow all current student-athletes to transfer to any other Division I football program of their choosing without having to sit out for the usual season.

The news of the NCAA’s decision shocked the college community, and many around PSU say it worse than the “death penalty”.

The death penalty would’ve  suspended the football program for 1 year.

This will be a learning lesson to all college and universities.


Author: Angelique Williams

NYC Blogger. College Graduate. Love for Entertainment, Sports, Politics and anything where I can voice my opinion. Aspiring Journalist/TV Producer

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